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LUMPS-A-PALOOZA Festival Honoring The Life of Larry Lee McFaden


A street festival-community block party honoring the memory of country music legend and longtime Branson resident Larry Lee McFaden is set for Saturday August 27th.


This event is being co-hosted by his son Greg McFaden of Jukebox Winos acoustic duo and Saint City’s Sports Bar and Grill here in Branson, Missouri located at 3265 Falls Pkwy, Ste Z.


“We will begin the festivities at 4 p.m. with a ceremony honoring Dad. Several of his close friends will be sharing stories and memories. The event line-up will include many other musical guests including Mel Tillis Jr., Splinter Middleton, the Honkytonk Renevators and Jukebox Winos. The band will consist of some members of Mel Tillis’s The Statesiders Band, of which Larry was a member,” noted McFaden.


McFaden continued, “Dad was a big kid at heart and loved his friends like family. We are planning a fun family-friendly outdoor festival that will include support of some area businesses in attendance. Dad loved the Branson community."

Lumps-a-palooza Souvenir tees are available on our online merch store. Limited quantity, sizes, and colors. Designed and printed locally by Works of Art Embroidery & Screenprinting. The proceeds from these shirts will help cover event expenses.

Celebrating The Life Of Larry Lee McFaden -- A Gathering Of Friends Livestream! At Wrangler’s Dance Hall Branson MO on October 16, 2023

LUMPS-A-PALOOZA Event Celebration for Larry Lee McFaden in Branson, Missouri on November 1, 2022

Jukebox Winos LUMPS-A-PALOOZA Autographed Poster Presentation at Saint City's Sports Bar 
Branson, MO


Larry Lee McFaden of Branson, Missouri passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by family members, love, and the Lord, on Tuesday morning, August 25, 2020.  He fought a courageous two-month battle of heart attacks and strokes from newly discovered liver and kidney cancer. He never once complained, was always gracious to those around him, still making people laugh to the very end. He was 73 years old.


Larry Lee McFaden was born on May 14th, 1947 in Lynchburg, Virginia to Lawrence Arthur and Vivian Ercelle (McBride) McFaden. His mother passed away, after his birth, on May 15th, 1947, leaving Larry to be raised by his loving and devoted father and grandparents, Arthur J. and Emma C. (Chenault) McFaden.


Larry excelled musically from an early age, participating in various grade school and community activities. By age 13, he was already playing professionally around Lynchburg and surrounding communities plus being a disc jockey at the local radio station. His father supported his talents by taking him to all his gigs and jobs, always knowing his son was special and had a talent to share with the world.  Larry continued playing locally throughout high school a mix of Rock-N-Roll, R&B, and Country music.  Convinced by his cousin, Ray Pillow ( a Nashville Country recording artist and future Grand Ole Opry Member), that Larry had what it takes, Ray told him he should come to Nashville.  The day he graduated from E.C. Glass High School in 1965, he picked up his diploma, said goodbye to his father, and drove to Nashville to start his career.


His first few years in Nashville, Larry landed jobs playing for Wanda Jackson, Ray Price, and Carl Smith, among others. But his most loved and cherished gig came when Mel Tillis asked him to be his bass player and bandleader with The Statesiders.  This would start a life-long partnership, friendship, and brotherhood cherished by both while here on earth and now in Heaven. Ask any musician during that time and they will tell you that The Statesiders were the best-of-the-best, the most swinging group of musicians, and the craziest bunch in Country music, possibly the whole music business.  The stories some of you have heard are probably the funniest you will ever hear.  That band was a brotherhood that Larry cherished his whole life, as the members and others still with us can attest. Over the next decade and a half, Larry played thousands of shows and entertained millions with Mel Tillis and The Statesiders.


But life on the road is brutal and demanding at times. He was married, had a family, and wanted to get off the road and be on the “business” side of the music industry. He also wanted more time for this life-long passion for golf.


Fate, luck, whatever you call it, happened in Reno, Nevada while on tour with Mel. That's when he saw a guy performing that blew his mind. After introducing himself and hitting it off, he convinced Lee Greenwood to move to Nashville. Larry would help start and manage Lee’s Country career.  The two would go on to heights in the music business very few ever achieve. Larry would also go on to manage and produce many artists over the next decade.


In the early 1990's, between rounds of golf, Larry ventured into the theater business. He was heavily involved in the 1990's boom of Nashville artists coming to Branson, Missouri.

Larry and Ray Stevens built a theater in Branson, and he was owner or involved in several others around town. He also lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a while and was involved with The Gatlin Brothers Theater. Moving between Nashville and the other towns while playing many, many rounds of golf were his normal until 2000, when he made Branson his permanent home.


Over the next two decades, between daily rounds of golf, he transitioned from business back to his first love, playing music with his friends. Again, he was playing and singing all the songs he loved to play through the years, the way he wanted. If you ever saw The Dysfunctional 4 or Bill & Larry around town during happy hours, you knew you were going to have fun and forget your troubles for a while.


Music was a huge part of Larry's life, but golf was the other constant love. Throughout his life, any spare time was devoted to golf. Playing endless rounds, watching it on TV, rewatching the tape of what he had just viewed, obsessive reading of books and articles- he absolutely loved golf. He always had to live on the golf course so he could sneak in a few quick holes. The thousands of rounds he played with his friends over the many decades brought him much joy and happiness. The stories from those rounds will be forever cherished and often told by his golfing buddies.


He was also a lover of books. He was always reading 2, at times 3, books at a time and loved visiting the library over the past few years. He enjoyed biographies (no surprise there considering his interest and love of people). He also studied the Bible and perused books on religion and life. They brought him guidance and comfort in all areas of his life until the moment he passed.


How can someone who still carried a flip-phone, had no email address, no internet, and no social media be so connected with so many people? The answer is that Larry cared deeply about every one of them. He never programmed a phone number in his phone. Larry knew everyone's number by memory. Most of us can't remember our own numbers, but there were thousands of people's numbers programmed in his heart and mind. Larry preferred to be around people, connect in person, and to share emotions together. Larry and his friends would laugh, love, hug, cry, and sing as one. That's something that all of us could live and learn from him.


Larry was a person who loved people and loved to entertain them! He enjoyed life and wanted you to cherish it too. Whether it was playing and singing, telling a joke or old road story, just sitting around talking, or putting around on the golf course, Larry was always trying to make people feel happy and alive. He put his whole heart into everything he did and everyone he met. People instantly fell in love with him because he was so sincere in his love for them, albeit a life-long friend or someone he just met.


So many people have a "Larry Lee" or Larry Mac" story. Others are fortunate to have many such memories, and most agree they are some of the best of their lives. He lived a life most people hope to achieve, and did it filled with love, sincerity, dignity, maybe a little embarrassment ( wink), compassion, and always humor. Larry had a blessed spirit that touched, and was touched, by many lives. He managed to do-it-all between his rounds of golf.


We can take comfort in knowing he is now united with his Lord, his mother and father, grandparents, Mel Tillis and The Statesiders, and his friends and loved ones that passed before him. We can only imagine the joy he is experiencing! We are truly blessed, honored, and humbled to have been in his life and to have had him in ours. He will be remembered, missed, celebrated, and loved!


Larry Lee McFaden is survived by his Son, Greg McFaden of Branson, Missouri;

Daughters Lucy McVay and husband Anthony, and Preslie Agee and husband Ty, both of

Bartlett, Tennessee; Grand-daughters Cat, Willow, and Vivian McVay, Grand-sons Gabe,

Freeman, and Boyd Agee; Son Ryan Payne of Dallas Texas; Son William Wickizer of

Seattle, Washington. He is also survived by ex-wives: Judy McFaden of Moneta, Virginia; Mila Bentler of Bartlett, Tennessee; and Kari Ellis of Kemp, Texas; and his brother Wayne McCraw and wife Doris of Lynchburg, Virginia.


In lieu of flowers the family asks for "Larry Lee McFaden Memorial" donations to be made to the following organizations:  The Opry Trust Fund, Taneyhills Community Library (donate on their Facebook page), Shriners Children's Hospital, and "We Are The 22" - nonprofit to combat veteran suicide, and your local firefighters.


Attachment (14).jpg

Larry Lee at Mayflower Dance Hall Cheyenne WY 12/12/1967

Dad and Ronnie Millsap Onstage.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden & Ronnie Millsap Onstage

Attachment (18).jpg

Ray Price & Larry Lee cira 1969

Attachment (16).jpg

Lee Greenwood & Larry Lee McFaden early 1980s

Attachment (17).jpg

Larry Lee McFaden & Mel Tillis circa 2013

Dad and Johnny Lee 2018.jpeg
Attachment (19).jpg
Dad and Don Williams.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden and Johnny Lee

Larry Lee McFaden and Don Williams

Larry Lee McFaden / The Statesiders Band with Frank Sinatra 1970s in Vegas

Dad and Ronnie Hawkins at Stockyards .jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden and Ronnie Hawkins at Stockyards

Mel Tillis and The Statesiders early 70's promo pic.jpeg
The Statesiders Early 70's Promo Pic.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden and The Statesiders early 70s

Dad and Statesiders from Dennis 2.jpeg
Dad and Statesiders from Dennis 4 .jpeg
Dad from Dennis 6.jpeg
Dad onstage Statesiders.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden onstage with The Statesiders

Dad and Mel Onstage.jpeg
Dad onstage Mel and The Statesiders 70's.jpeg

The Statesiders '70s

Dad from Dennis 5.jpeg
Dad and Mel Onstage early 70's.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden and Mel Tillis onstage

Larry Lee McFaden and Mel Tillis onstage

Dad onstage Mel and Statesiders Texas 12_27_72 4.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden with Mel Tillis & The Statesiders Texas

Dad onstage w_ Mel 5_15_1979.jpeg
Dad, Mel Statesiders on Stage 79.jpeg
Dad, Mel and Statesiders in Wisconsin.jpeg
Dad, Ray Price, Cherokee Playboys.jpeg
Dad w_ Ray Price and Cherokee Playboys.jpeg
Dad w_ Ray Price  69 2.jpeg
Dad in Vegas w_ Bradshaw, Younts, Pruitt.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden in Vegas with Bradshaw, Younts, and Pruitt

Dad fake arrested by Oak Ridge Boys 2.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden fake arrested by Oak Ridge Boys

Dad Texas BBQ Sign.jpeg
Dad onstage promo George Kent.jpeg
Dad w_ George Kent  Mayflower Dance Hall Cheyanne WY 12_14_67.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden with George Kent at Mayflower Dance Hall, Cheyanne WY

Dad w_ George Kent Amarillo, TX 1_25_67.jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden with George Kent, Amarillo TX

Dad w_ George Kent Band .jpeg

Larry Lee McFaden with George Kent Band

Dad w_ George Kent Band  Cheyanne WY 67 2.jpeg
Dad, Mickey, Libby.jpeg
Dad, Ray Stevens, Don Williams.jpeg
Dad, Younts, Duke.jpeg
Dad and Harold, Younts, Dennis, Donnie.jpeg
Dad and boys Smurf 10_21_03.jpeg
Dad and crew.jpeg
Dad 11.jpeg
Dad and Mallard 2.jpeg
Dad w_ smurf.jpeg
Dad, Harold, Younts, Dennis, Mallard .jpeg
Dad, Mallard, Judy Dogget_.jpeg
Dad, Garstang, Gore.jpeg
Dad, Harold, Curly.jpeg
Dad and Curly 2 2.jpeg
Dad and Dave.jpeg
Dad and Snoopy.jpeg
Dad and Bill.jpeg
Dad and Th Boys 3.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 11.00.52 AM.png
Dad Grade School Christmas Show.jpeg
Dad and Granddaddy 3.jpeg

Larry with Curly Curwin and Harold Shedd

Larry with Jim Garstang and Johnny Gore

Bill & Larry

Larry with Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys

Larry & Grandaddy

Larry with Ray Stevens & Don Williams

Larry, Mickey Gilley, and Libby

Larry with Harold Shedd, Younts, Mallard

Larry, Younts, Duke

Dad and Granddaddy 5.jpeg
Dad and Me Christmas morning.jpeg
Dad and Me fro and glasses.jpeg
Dad and Me Settle Inn Branson 8_7_02 3.jpeg
Dad and Me Settle Inn Branson 8_7_02 5.jpeg
Dad Grade School pic 2.jpeg
Dad kid  2 or 3_.jpeg
Dad kid pic 6.jpeg
Dad kid 4 or 5_.jpeg
Dad kid pic 5.jpeg
Dad and Lee at Stockyards 1.jpeg
Dad and Lee Crook and Chase TV Show_ Charlie Chase 6.jpeg
Dad and Lee Crook and Chase TV Show_ Charlie Chase 9.jpeg
Dad at Stockyards 2.jpeg
Dad at Stockyards onstage 17.jpeg
Dad Backstage Dressing Room late 70's.jpeg
Dad fishing.jpeg
Dad home pool.jpeg
Dad home tennis court 2.jpeg
Dad in snow with Wolf  and Honda Oddysey.jpeg
Dad snowmoble Michigan.jpeg
Dad St. Patricks Day.jpeg
Dad, Daddy Ray, Lee, Jerry Crutchfield Office Christmas Party 84 or 85_ 2.jpeg
Dad on Nashville Music 7.jpeg
Dad on Nashville Music 8.jpeg
Dad on Nashville Music 10.jpeg
Dad onstage 1_75.jpeg
Dad onstage 80's.jpeg
Dad onstage at Gilley's.jpeg
Dad Onstage Jungle Inn Texas 2_12_72.jpeg
Dad Onstage Kingsville Texas 10_6_72.jpeg
Dad onstage 80's Chicago_ 2.jpeg
Dad onstage with Lee Stockyards_.jpeg
Dad onstage 80's Chicago_ 3.jpeg
Dad The McFaden Tillis Family vacation Disneyworld FL.jpeg
Dad w_ Tex Williams 68 Albuquerque NM.jpeg
Dad w_ Webb Pierce 68.jpeg
Dad w_ The Partytimers Wanda Jackson's Band.jpeg
Dad, Lee signed message.jpeg

McFaden & Tillis Families Disney World Vacation

Larry & son Greg McFaden

Larry on Nashville Music Show

Larry Lee & Webb Pierce 1968

Larry with Jerry Crutchfield, Lee Greenwood, Ray Pillow

Larry & Lee Greenwood on Crook and Chase Show

Dad, Andy Griffith, Ernest Borgnine, Statesiders (1).jpeg

Larry, Andy Griffith, Ernest Borgnine, Statesiders

Dad and boys Smurf 10_21_03 (2).jpeg

Dad and boys Smurf 10-21-03

Dad White Plains NY 10_5_74 (1).jpeg

Larry, White Plains NY 10-5-74

Attachment (21).jpg

Larry & Michelle McBride

Attachment (20).jpg

Bill & Larry with Mel Tillis & Mel Tillis Jr.

Attachment (22).jpg

Larry & Lee Greenwood

Attachment (23).JPG

Larry & Greg McFaden

Attachment (24).JPG

Larry & Jerry, & Nigel Connell

Attachment (25).JPG

The Dysfunctional Four

Attachment (29).JPG

Larry, Harold Shedd & The Kistlers

Attachment (30).JPG

Larry, Matt, & Jerusha

Attachment (31).JPG
Attachment (33).JPG
Attachment (34).JPG

Larry and Greg (Last photo taken)

Attachment (27).JPG

Larry & Bill at Outback Pub

Attachment (36).JPG
Attachment (35).JPG
Attachment (37).JPG

The Dysfuntional Four

The Dysfuntional Four with Mel Tillis


Larry Lee McFaden, The Gatlins, Mike Nichols
Rowdy Beaver, Branson MO.


Larry Lee McFaden & Rudy Gatlin at
Rowdy Beaver, Branson MO.


Larry Lee McFaden, The Gatlins, Mike Nichols
Rowdy Beaver, Branson MO.

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